Amatya Sharma
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
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My name is Amatya. I'm a first year PhD in Theoretical Computer Science at University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), fortunate to be co-advised by Nikhil Bansal and Euiwoong Lee. I completed my Dual Degree (BTech+MTech) from Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur. I am a coffee aficionado straight from the himalayas (Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh). I am "(current-year) modulo 100" years old i.e. 22 years old in 2022.

Currently Living at: Ann Arbor, MI Aug. 2022 - Present

Relationship Status: Committed to Caffeine
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[Aug 2022] Joined as a PhD in Computer Science, U of Michigan-Ann Arbor, in Fall'22. Received PhD offers from U of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Georgia Tech, U of Toronto, and EPFL Switzerland.
[Oct 2021] I'm loving teaching classes [1, 2] in Algorithmic Game Theory (CS60025) at CSE, IIT Kgp as a TA.
[Jul 2021] Brewed the new KCRoasters coffee, its awesome, gotta change my preference list now.
[Jul 2021] Received a full time pre-placement offer as a Member of Technical Staff at Server Technology (RnD) Oracle, Bangalore.
[Feb 2021] Had the typical but much needed Goa trip with my bhand junta.

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    I am a coffee aficionado. Here are the coffee brands that I adore and recommend everyone (in decreasing order of liking): KCRoasters, Blue Tokai, The Flying Squirrel, Seven Beans co., and the all-time regulars Nescafe.
                            Many people misconstrue my name as "Amartya" (after Nobel Memorial Prize-winning Indian economist Amartya Sen). But my parents put a little too much effort ransacking libraries to search for a name and eventually came up with Amatya from the biography of king Harshvardhan's which means an "administrator" or "minister." I speak English, Hindi, terrible French and even-more-terrible Pahadi. I like music and I believe that the likeability of music depends on the current state of mind and very less on the taste of an individual. Check out some of my playlists.. Besides this, I live in Himachal, the "Snow-Laden Province" of India. At times, I capture the beauty of himalayas and nature in general, check out here.

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"Love at the end of the day is just deciding with whom you wanna own a dog.."
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